Akron Military Divorce Lawyer

Helping Military Families Through Divorce

Military divorces present unique challenges in nearly every aspect of the dissolution of marriage. Kenneth M. Crislip, Attorney at Law, helps families with military members find creative and effective solutions to their special cases. In every military divorce case, his goal is to secure a smooth transition into life after the divorce.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Unlike in typical divorce and legal separation cases, military families must take into consideration time away at training, possible deployment and/or the challenges of living on base when preparing a child custody and visitation plan. Kenneth Crislip will examine the particulars of your situation and discuss possible solutions with you. He will help you create a parenting plan that meets your needs while protecting the best interests of your children.

Division of Military Pensions

Kenneth Crislip is a divorce lawyer that has extensive experience handling complex property division cases, including those involving military assets and pensions. In these cases, he helps to make sure members of the military can keep much of the assets while at the same time working to ensure non-military spouses receive what they are entitled to by law. He has found that a thorough understanding of the facts, along with the ability to formulate keen arguments, assists in putting his clients in the strongest financial positions possible.

An Experienced Guide and Advocate

Kenneth Crislip is known as a skilled family law attorney who effectively guides clients through even the toughest and most complex divorce matters, involving child support and custody, to spousal support/alimony, to division of assets. If you or your spouse is in the military, he will discuss the actions you should take to make sure you can get through the lows of divorce and prepare for a better tomorrow.

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