Kenneth Crislip is an attorney who works to resolve family law problems in the most positive way possible. His experience, knowledge of the legal system and determination helps him resolve cases quickly and efficiently without sacrificing his clients’ rights in order to bring a case to conclusion. Kenneth cares about each client and the client’s future and will develop a solution that is right for you.

  • Divorce: Kenneth Crislip will help you prepare for divorce, including a military divorce, and navigate through the process–whether it is contested, uncontested, with kids or without. He also handles issues related to divorce and taxes and alimony and spousal support, as well as protecting a business in divorce.
  • Custody and Support: Your children are important to you. Attorney Kenneth Crislip helps to ensure the protection of their interests when devising a child custody and support plan. In-state and out-of-state disputes, visitation and parenting time are all things that Kenneth considers in the process.
  • Grandparents' rights – Grandparents may also play a large role in a child's life which, if disrupted, can result in emotional harm. In limited circumstances, a court may grant visitation to grandparents if it is determined to be in the child's best interests. This may be in the course of a divorce proceeding, when a parent is deceased or in other situations where the family unit is no longer intact. I construct the strongest possible case for the positive effect of grandparental visitation on the child.

Kenneth Crislip will be your strong advocate as you face the emotional and financial turmoil that a family crisis can bring. He will stand up for you—protecting your rights and working hard to help you achieve a better future for you and your family.

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