Divorce is about the future, not the past. The law firm of Kenneth M. Crislip Attorney at Law, helps clients keep this in mind as they make the transition to life after divorce.

Kenneth Crislip is an attorney who looks after his clients’ best interests as they deal with the emotional and financial dislocation which accompanies the dissolution of marriage. He works diligently to protect his clients’ rights and to preserve their assets at all times during the legal process.

Legal Help for All Your Family Needs

Kenneth Crislip advises and represents people in all matters of uncontested and contested divorce:

He takes particular care to develop plans that meet the specific needs of the clients. Sometimes this involves forming creative solutions to child custody and visitation plans when one parent is in the military or lives out-of-state. Other situations involve a careful untangling of pre-marital and shared assets. No family issue is too complex for Kenneth to handle.

If you are thinking about divorce or have discussed this possibility with your spouse, it is important to obtain the advice of an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible. Kenneth Crislip can discuss your situation with you and help you begin planning for your divorce. Contact Kenneth today at his office to arrange a consultation.

Achieving the Best Divorce Settlement Possible

During your conversations with Kenneth Crislip, he will learn about your personal situation, your family and your finances. Mr. Crislip will also explore your concerns and your hopes for the future. Then, his firm will develop a legal strategy designed to achieve your divorce and resolve related matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

In most cases, that involves negotiating the best divorce settlement possible – one which protects your rights and places you in a position to move forward after your divorce. Sometimes however, one or more issues prevent the spouses from coming to an agreement. Typically, these involve disputes over the division of assets and property or child custody and visitation matters. Kenneth Crislip is an experienced trial attorney who will represent you vigorously in litigation – if that is what is necessary to protect your rights and interests.

Kenneth Crislip cares about your future and your family. He will work diligently to achieve your divorce and to resolve related matters in the most positive manner possible.

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