Akron Repeat DUI Defense Lawyer

Representing Repeat DUI Offenders in the Akron, Ohio, Area

If you have already been convicted of your first, second, third or other subsequent DUI / OVI, you should know that you are facing extreme consequences far beyond what you have already experienced with another conviction. To best protect your rights and your freedom, you should consider speaking with an experienced repeat DUI defense attorney.

Kenneth Crislip is highly educated with laws relating to repeat DUI/OVI offenses. His extensive knowledge and experience in this area will provide you with the strong, aggressive defense you require when facing a potential subsequent DUI conviction. Contact the firm today to learn more about how lawyer Kenneth Crislip can help you.

Protecting Your Rights Through Aggressive Subsequent OVI Defense

With a repeat DUI offense, you are potentially facing felony DUI charges along with separate hearings through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The felony charges will increase your criminal DUI penalties such as jail time and length of your driver's license suspension. The BMV will hold separate hearings relating to your driver's license. They can suspend or revoke your license, in addition to whatever driving penalties a judge may sentence you with.

Kenneth Crislip will aggressively represent you in your criminal hearing and your BMV hearing. He will investigate all aspects of your case to see if the police violated any technical requirements with regard to the police stop, the Breathalyzer or urine test, the field sobriety test and the arrest. He will review toxicology reports and witness statements with you and ensure you are prepared for all hearings. You will never stand alone or unprepared with attorney Crislip by your side.

Call Attorney Crislip for Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd Offense DUI

Kenneth Crislip stands ready to represent you in all matters related to your DUI/OVI charge. Time, however, is of the essence. Contact the firm online to schedule your consultation today.