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Protecting Your Parenting Time Rights

Whenever possible, courts in Ohio try to provide visitation time to parents who do not have primary custody. But a parent is not guaranteed visitation time with his or her children. The court must decide that a particular visitation arrangement is in the "best interest of the child".
To secure and protect the ability to enjoy time with your children, the help of an experienced family law attorney is essential.

Kenneth Crislip has successfully represented many clients in child custody and visitation matters. Mr. Crislip believes in obtaining visitation and parenting time plans for his clients which protect their rights and which foster strong parent-child relationships.

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Grandparents may or may not be able to obtain visitation rights, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. If you are a grandparent, Kenneth Crislip can review your situation and discuss what he can do to help you obtain scheduled time with your grandchild.

Achieving Your Visitation Goals

Whenever possible, Mr. Crislip tries to negotiate an overall custody and visitation solution during the divorce process rather than fighting in court. In most cases, an acceptable and workable negotiated solution can be achieved with less emotional and legal costs than litigation. This can benefit the parents and the children. A negotiated solution also provides a framework for cooperation between the parents in their child rearing duties.

At the same time, Kenneth Crislip is an accomplished trial attorney who does not back down from a fight. If necessary, he will undertake assertive litigation to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Revisiting Your Parenting Time Plan

As a child grows older, the child's needs and interests change. For example, a boy may want to spend more time with his father, or a girl more time with her mother. The child's after school activities or other needs may also require a change in visitation arrangements.

Kenneth Crislip recommends that you review your parenting time plan with an attorney every five years, if not more often. He can then take action to obtain a modification in the visitation plan.

Does an Unwed Father Have Visitation Rights?

Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't. Kenneth Crislip can advise you regarding this issue and represent you to achieve your goals.

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