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If you have a business, either a family business or you've started a business during the marriage, the business can become a very complicated matter during a divorce. In many cases, the business is considered a marital asset that is subject to division under Ohio's equitable distribution laws.

If you have questions or concerns about how to handle a business in divorce and protect your stake in the business, turn to attorney Kenneth Crislip. With years of experience handling all types of simple and complex divorce issues, Mr. Crislip is a dedicated advocate for clients who thoroughly reviews every aspect of the case to ensure that his clients' rights are protected.

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Having handled so many divorce cases throughout his years of practice, lawyer Kenneth Crislip has a full understanding of the issues that need to be addressed. While business valuations may need to be completed, he can also help with other aspects of property division and asset division. Contact his office today to schedule your initial consultation.

Dividing a Business

If the business had been started before the marriage but it grew during the marriage, and your spouse had nothing to do with the initial start-up, it still would be considered part of your income. If a business was started during the marriage, it will definitely need to be evaluated and divided accordingly.

There are certain expectations when it comes to dividing a business. Each spouse must be made whole and the business can be a major part of that. In order to divide it properly, a business valuation expert must be brought in to thoroughly go through the business' assets, liabilities and all of the paperwork that pertains to the partnership or other business structures.

It is important to know that some businesses must be liquidated in order to ensure that each spouse is made whole. Sometimes the business cannot be divided equally or the portion that is owed to one spouse leaves the business without enough to operate. While Mr. Crislip works to see that your business is protected, he pursues a resolution that is in your best interests and consults with you on what options you have.

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