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Protecting Your Pre-Marital Assets During Divorce

In Ohio, only those assets acquired during the marriage (with the exception of inheritances) are subject to property division. Pre-marital assets, or separate property, are given to the person who acquired them before the marriage.

Family law attorney Kenneth M. Crislip has successfully helped several clients identify and protect their pre-marital assets during a divorce. He works hard to ensure clients receive the assets to which they are entitled.

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Identifying and Separating Pre-Marital Assets

Pre-marital assets generally include any property or financial asset acquired prior to the marriage, including:

  • Cars
  • Houses
  • Inheritances
  • Land
  • 401(K)s
  • Business assets
  • IRAs
  • And more

Sometimes, however, it is difficult to differentiate between marital and pre-marital assets, particularly if both parties contributed to a mortgage, or if a business was the primary income generator for the household. The firm of Kenneth Crislip handles these challenging cases effectively. Mr. Crislip works with financial experts, accountants and other specialists to aide in identifying and separating pre-marital from marital property. Once the property is separated, he works hard to divide marital assets in a way that places his clients in the strongest financial position possible.

A Property Division Attorney You Can Count On

Kenneth M. Crislip is known as an aggressive, yet fair, divorce lawyer who strives to resolve property division issues in a positive manner. His goal is to protect clients' rights, putting them in a strong financial position in life following the divorce.

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