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Protecting Your Rights and Property in Divorce

The property settlement you receive at the time of your divorce will provide the financial base on which you will build your future life. It is important then, that you receive all of the assets to which you are entitled.

Kenneth Crislip is a family law and divorce attorney experienced in all aspects of property division, in cases ranging from modest marital estates to those involving complex property issues. Mr. Crislip works with determination and diligence to protect his clients' assets and to put them in the strongest financial position possible.

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The Property Division Process

In Ohio, property acquired during the marriage (with some exceptions such as inheritances) must be divided on an equitable, though not necessarily equal basis. During the divorce process, marital property and debts must be identified, valued and then divided. Lately, this task has become more problematic, due to declining values for homes, 401(k)s and retirement accounts.

The firm of Kenneth Crislip works hard to address these issues and other challenging issues effectively. He strives for a favorable resolution to the division of martial assets, while protecting pre-marital assets. For couples of more modest means, the firm can usually negotiate a fair settlement in a cost-effective manner. In other cases, litigation may be required.

Complex Property Division Cases

Kenneth Crislip is experienced in cases involving complex property and asset division issues, such as those involving family-owned businesses, real estate and high-value marital estates. In these types of cases, Mr. Crislip can call upon experts such as an appraiser, business valuation specialist or accountant who can provide insights and support during litigation.

Kenneth Crislip is known as an aggressive, no-nonsense trial attorney who works with determination to achieve his clients' goals. He has found that the keys to success in property division disputes depend on careful case preparation, astute analysis of the facts, and strong argumentation in court.

In your case, Kenneth Crislip will work diligently at all stages of the legal process to protect your rights and to achieve a property settlement which places you in the strongest financial position possible.

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