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Planning Well Can Make a Difference

If you have made the decision to divorce or it appears inevitable, you should take steps to protect your options, your rights and your assets. When divorce comes, this will make it easier for you to resolve matters arising from divorce such as property division and child custody. Planning for a divorce can also place you in a stronger legal and financial position.

Kenneth Crislip is an attorney who guides clients through the divorce process, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Mr. Crislip is experienced, knowledgeable and diligent in the protection of his clients' rights.

Contact Kenneth Crislip for more information about the divorce process and what you should do to protect your rights and assets.

A Divorce Planning Primer

Every situation is different, and the best way to prepare for divorce is to talk with an experienced divorce lawyer. Kenneth Crislip can review your situation and discuss the actions you should take prior to seeking a divorce.

Some steps you should take include the following:

Financial Accounts

  • If you do not have separate financial accounts, open one or more accounts for yourself to put your separate assets in.
  • If your spouse is misappropriating your joint assets, remove them to a separate account.
  • Make copies of your recent statements from all financial accounts - both your own, your spouse's separate accounts and any jointly-titled accounts.
  • Document your separate debts and joint debts - both secured and unsecured.
  • If your spouse owns a business, try to obtain the income and asset statements for it.
  • Do not hide any assets from your spouse. It's OK to remove assets to a separate account, as long as you tell your spouse about them.

Personal Actions

  • You may have to leave your home. Look around for an apartment or make arrangements to move in with a relative.
  • If your spouse has abused or threatened you or your children, discuss the issue with Kenneth Crislip. He can help you develop a plan to protect you and your children, including obtaining a civil protection order.

Divorce Planning is Essential

The longer you wait before talking with an attorney, the worse you will be. It is better to prepare for divorce rather than reacting to it.

Kenneth Crislip can explain the divorce process and the actions you can take to better prepare yourself for this challenge.

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