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Obtaining a Modification in Custody or Support

At the time of the divorce decree, the court may issue orders stipulating the payment of child support, spousal support and custody and visitation. These orders can change however, if a significant change in circumstances occurs.

The firm of Kenneth M. Crislip, Attorney at Law is experienced in all types of post-decree modifications, including:

  • Modifications in child support
  • Modifications in child custody
  • Modifications in visitation and parenting time
  • Proposed child relocations
  • Modifications in spousal support

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Modifications in Child Support

Regarding the issue of child support, what constitutes a "significant change in circumstances"? A change in income due to a job layoff or promotion can serve as the basis for obtaining a modification in child support. If the child's residency time with a parent changes or a child's health care or educational needs change, a parent can seek a modification.

In most cases, attorney Kenneth Crislip can achieve a modification in child support quickly and economically. Other cases, such as when a parent is self-employed or is hiding income, the task requires greater effort.

Whatever your needs, Kenneth Crislip has the experience and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Modifications in Custody and Visitation

It may be possible to achieve an agreement through negotiation with the other parent to modify a visitation schedule. Whenever possible, Kenneth Crislip seeks to use this technique to achieve his clients' goals.

Other situations, such as those involving the proposed relocation of a child with a parent can become highly contentious. Kenneth Crislip is an experienced litigator who will assertively represent you in court. If necessary, Mr. Crislip can obtain an emergency order preventing the relocation, pending a resolution of the case.

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