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Ohio Family Law FAQ

Dealing with family law issues can be stressful and complicated. Ohio has laws in place to protect you and your family in family law cases. Kenneth Crislip is a compassionate family law attorney in the metro area of Akron, Ohio, who is ready to help get you and your family through this difficult time. Below is an Ohio family law FAQ with some of the most frequent questions clients bring to the firm.

Q: How is property divided in Ohio?

A: Ohio divides property in an equitable way. That does not mean it is split 50-50. A lawyer will help you look at all your assets and create a plan for division.

Q: I started a business before I got married. Will I keep it in the divorce?

A: Yes. If the business is started before you got married and you spouse was not involved, it will be considered part of your income.

Q: If my spouse and I cannot agree on a spousal agreement, will we go to court?

A: Yes. After all other avenues have been explored and there is still no resolution, a judge will then help decide spousal support and other divorce matters.

Q: How is child support determined?

A: In Ohio, child support is determined by taking a look at the income of the parents, who the child primarily lives with, other expenses and who will pay for them.

Q: Can I get a child support agreement changed?

A: Yes. If there is a significant change of circumstances, such as a job loss, you can petition to have the child support payment changed.

Q: Can a child custody agreement be changed?

A: Yes. As a child grows older their needs may change. We can take a look at all the factors in your child's life and help you determine if a change needs to be made.

Q: Can one parent move a child out of state?

A: A parent can move a child out of state only if both parents agree to it. This agreement will be a part of a child custody agreement.

Q: How long does it take to get a restraining order?

A: Once a temporary order is issued, you will be given a hearing within seven days to issue a permanent protection order.

Q: Can I fight a restraining order?

A: Yes. Sometimes during a divorce, accusations can be thrown around that are unsubstantiated. A lawyer can help you defend yourself in court and tell your side of the story.

Q: Can I fight paternity of a child?

A: If you believe you are not the father of a child, you can request a paternity test before you pay any child support or any other support.

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