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Obtaining an Emergency Custody Order

When a child is being abused or living in a dangerous or unhealthy environment, the other parent, a grandparent or a relative can ask the court for an emergency custody order. This can place the child in a different, more stable environment.

The firm of Kenneth M. Crislip, Attorney at Law obtains emergency custody orders for people in the greater Akron area and northeast Ohio. The firm can also seek to obtain a permanent custody order that can transfer legal custody of the child from the abusing parent to another family member.

If you are a grandparent or a relative of an abused child, contact Kenneth Crislip today. He can discuss your rights and what his firm can do to get the child into a better living environment.

If your former spouse is seeking to relocate with your child, Kenneth Crislip can seek to obtain an emergency order blocking the relocation, pending the resolution of the case.

Grandparent Rights
Truth be told, grandparents do not have many rights regarding their grandchildren. In most cases, a grandparent only has visitation rights in so far as the parent of the child wishes to grant them to the grandparent. There are some exceptions however. If the child's parent has passed away or if a grandparent has a significant care-giving relationship with the child, it may be possible to obtain custody or visitation rights.

Kenneth Crislip has represented a number of grandparents in child custody and visitation matters. Call him toll free at 888-618-1592 if you would like to discuss your case.

If You Don't Act, the State Will

The state of Ohio has the power to intervene in cases of child abuse. If no responsible family member can be found to care for an abused child, the Ohio Public Children Services Agency (PCSA) will find a foster home for him or her.

In most cases, it is preferable for a child to be in the care of a responsible family member rather than in a strange home. If you are a grandparent or a relative of a child who is living in an unsuitable environment, you need to take action.

Attorney Kenneth Crislip can act quickly to obtain an emergency custody order for you. Then his firm can seek to obtain a custody order on a permanent basis, or until that time when the parent can care for the child.

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