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Kenneth Crislip is an attorney who works to resolve family law problems in the most positive way possible. His experience, knowledge of the legal system and determination enables him to resolve many cases quickly and efficiently. At the same time, he never sacrifices his clients' rights in order to bring a case to conclusion. You can depend on Kenneth Crislip to provide strong and effective representation at all stages of the legal process.

Contact attorney Kenneth Crislip today for representation in all family law matters:

  • Divorce: Kenneth Crislip will help you prepare for divorce and navigate through the process, whether it is contested, uncontested, with kids or without. He also handles issues related to divorce and taxes, as well as protecting a business in divorce.
  • Military divorce: Military servicemen and women often face a range of unique issues, including relocations that affect child custody, the division of military benefits, retirement benefits and other military-specific family law issues. Kenneth Crislip can represent you, wherever you are located, in the many aspects of military divorce.
  • Child custody: Your children are important to you. Attorney Kenneth Crislip helps to ensure the protection of their interests when devising a child custody plan.
  • Out-of-state custody disputes: When parents live out of state or wish to relocate out of state, Kenneth Crislip works to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.
  • Visitation and parenting time: Kenneth Crislip will help you secure visitation and parenting time with your children.
  • Child support: Kenneth Crislip can help you determine an accurate amount of child support.
  • Alimony and spousal support: Kenneth Crislip will examine the legal and financial issues in your case and discuss if alimony is appropriate in your situation.
  • Property division: Kenneth Crislip, Attorney at law, is experienced in handling complex division of asset cases involving retirement accounts, business assets and other tangled accounts. He helps ensure you receive all the assets to which you are entitled.
  • Modifications in support and custody: The firm of Kenneth Crislip, Attorney at Law, handles all matters of modifying custody, visitation and child support orders.
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders: Kenneth Crislip provides vigorous representation to clients in matters involving domestic violence. If your child is a victim of abuse, he will aid in obtaining an emergency order for their protection.

Mr. Crislip also handles cases involving:

  • Paternity
  • Delinquency and juvenile court matters
  • And other family law matters

A Compassionate Counselor, a Strong Advocate

Kenneth Crislip cares about each client and the client's future. You can share your concerns and discuss sensitive family law issues with him — with the confidence of knowing that Kenneth Crislip will do everything he can to develop the solution which is right for you.

Kenneth Crislip will be your strong advocate as you face the emotional and financial turmoil that a family crisis can bring. He will stand up for you — protecting your rights and working hard to help you achieve a better future for you and your family.

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