Akron Extreme DUI Defense Lawyer

Providing Defense to Extreme DUI Charges in Akron

Charges of extreme DUI require aggressive defense, as the consequences of a conviction for high blood alcohol content (BAC) DUI are strict and long-lasting. To ensure your rights, freedom and future are all properly protected, it is important to speak with an experienced extreme DUI defense attorney immediately.

Kenneth Crislip has extensive experience representing individuals charged with extreme, or high BAC, DUIs. He understands the special circumstances involved in these cases and is ready to put his knowledge to use for you. Call toll free 888-618-1592 or contact the firm online to schedule your consultation with attorney Kenneth Crislip.

Seeking the Right Extreme DUI Defense for You

You may think that you have no options if you blow over .17 in a Breathalyzer test in Ohio. This is not true. Kenneth Crislip has perfected defense strategies that can be successful in the right situations. Some potential areas for challenging your extreme DUI charge include:

  • The circumstances surrounding the police stop
  • The Breathalyzer or urine test processes
  • The police officer's handling of any field sobriety tests
  • Statements made by you to the police
  • The arrest

Without strong, aggressive extreme DUI defense, you can face severe consequences such as mandatory jail time, vehicle forfeiture, loss of license or license suspension, and potentially mandatory attendance in a treatment program. Attorney Crislip will make motions to have evidence against you thrown out for technical reasons and will represent you in plea negotiations. If the prosecution refuses to provide an acceptable plea, Mr. Crislip will pursue justice for you in court.

Protect Your Rights and Future by Contacting Kenneth Crislip Today

If your Breathalyzer test resulted in .17 or higher, you need an attorney experienced in extreme DUI defense. Contact Mr. Crislip to begin creating your defense today.