Akron CDL DUI Defense Attorney

If you are commercial driver and have been arrested for DUI, everything is at stake — your CDL, your livelihood and your freedom. You need a strong and effective defense effort.

Kenneth Crislip is a criminal defense lawyer who has represented many commercial drivers who have been arrested for DUI / OVI. From experience, he knows that a strong and aggressive defense of the charge holds the best possibility for a successful outcome in these cases.

Contact Kenneth Crislip as soon as possible. Mr. Crislip can review your case and discuss what his firm can do to defend your rights, your commercial driver's license and your freedom.

Aggressively Defending You

In defending you, Kenneth Crislip will closely examine every aspect of your case. He will look at all of the facts and legal aspects in your case to determine the best way to defend you.

In a CDL DUI case, the defenses are generally the same as a regular DUI case — lack of probable cause for the stop, inadmissible blood alcohol test results and others. The difference is that a CDL DUI charge must be defended using every possible legal tool. This means the case is much more likely to go to trial than a regular DUI. Mr. Crislip will very likely call in experts in the blood alcohol testing procedures and other specialists who can support your defense effort.

Kenneth Crislip will fight for your rights and your freedom every step of the way.

Get Legal Representation As Soon As Possible

It is important to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Kenneth Crislip can begin the defense effort the same day you talk with him. Mr. Crislip will act immediately to preserve evidence in your case, including any blood or urine samples, as well as video footage which the police can destroy unless measures are taken to save it.

Do not delay. Kenneth Crislip will aggressively defend you and do everything possible to preserve your rights and freedom.

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