Akron Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney in Akron, Ohio

If a criminal charge is not handled efficiently and effectively, a youthful mistake you make now can follow you for the rest of your life. You need a capable advocate who can defend you.

Kenneth Crislip is an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney who works with determination to defend his clients' rights and freedom. Mr. Crislip defends young people charged with crimes such as:

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Are You Being Charged as an Adult?

In cases involving serious crimes, a juvenile can be charged in adult court and face the possibility of incarceration. Kenneth Crislip will take a different approach in these cases. He will first seek to keep the case out of adult court if at all possible. Then he will work aggressively to defend his client — to obtain a dismissal of the charge, a negotiated plea with mitigated penalties, or a not guilty verdict.

Ohio Focuses on Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

Fortunately, when it comes to juvenile crimes, the state of Ohio believes in rehabilitation, not punishment. Kenneth Crislip has helped many young people avoid convictions and permanent criminal records. He has the trust of prosecutors and judges, and he has been able to negotiate non-conviction outcomes in many cases.

For many juvenile crime convictions, a young person can apply for an expungement at the age of 18, which seals the record to people outside the criminal justice system.

Protecting Your Future

Do not let a crime like underage drinking and driving, possession of marijuana or assault ruin your future.

Kenneth Crislip will provide aggressive juvenile crime defense, including drug defense and underage DUI defense. He will work vigorously to obtain an outcome that mitigates the harshest penalties and will seek to keep your record clean.

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