Akron Internet Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with an Internet crime, you cannot afford anything less than the strongest defense possible. Your future is at risk.

Kenneth Crislip is a criminal defense attorney experienced in the defense of technology-based crimes. He is aggressive, knowledgeable in the law and determined to obtain the best outcome in every case has handles.

The firm of Kenneth M. Crislip, Attorney at Law defends people accused of Internet crimes, such as:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Internet fraud scams
  • Purchase or sales of drugs over the Internet
  • And other Internet crimes

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Defending Your Rights and Freedom

Kenneth Crislip has earned a reputation for diligence in the defense of his clients' rights and freedom.

In your case, he will energetically defend you. Whenever possible, he will make aggressive use of motions to exclude evidence to weaken the prosecution's case. Depending on the circumstances of the case, Kenneth Crislip may bring in an IT professional who can determine exactly what was done on the computer in question. Mr. Crislip will work to build a strong defense based on the facts and the law.

Obtain Legal Representation Now

In cases involving Internet sex crimes, attempting to talk things over with investigators is folly. You will only dig yourself deeper in the hole you are already in. You need experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

Kenneth Crislip can review your situation and explain the legal issues that will influence the outcome of your case. You will have the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your case. If possible, Mr. Crislip will seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge. It may be possible to negotiate a plea which mitigates the penalties you receive. If your decision is to go to trial, Kenneth Crislip will do everything possible to obtain a positive outcome for you.

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